Find A Drinking Buddy: Use Cases for Drinking Mates Live

Are you looking for a drinking buddy for tonight? Or would you like to find a drinking buddy later in the week?

The good news is that Drinking Mates Live is the perfect platform for finding a drinking buddy. There are so many ways you can use Drinking Mates Live to find a drinking buddy. We have put together this page of use cases to help give you some inspiration so you can get the most out of our drinking buddy app.

We will list the use cases for finding a Drink Buddy online from anywhere in the world, or finding a drinking buddy near you to meet and drink in person.

Find A Drinking Buddy Online

A good drinking buddy does not have to be sitting right next to you in person in this modern world. 

Technology has advanced so far that you can have awesome connections online. Better yet, you can find drink buddies from all over the world by drinking with someone online using our drinking buddy application. Once you meet someone online who you click with, the next time you visit their country, it’s going to be super easy to catch up with them for a drink in person!

Drinking Online Use Case 1: Drinking At Home With People Nearby

Let’s say you are sitting at home alone on a Saturday night (or any night!). This could be for a variety of reasons. You may be single, or your partner might be out to have a girl’s or boy’s night out, and you are not invited!

All your friends are busy, or you may have already spent a lot of time with them during the week and are looking for something different. You think it would be cool to have a drink with somebody random but can’t be bothered heading out to the bars to sit alone. Plus, it’s much more expensive to drink at a bar than at home. 

Solution – find a drinking buddy on Drinking Mates Live.

You can use our platform to search for people looking for a drink right now near you.

You can connect and drink together over a video call in-app to keep all your details private (coming soon to VIP premium members). Or in the meantime, once you find a good match, you can share your Viber, Whatsapp, Messenger or Skype details and connect via video. It is entirely up to you. If you get on well, you may decide to head out to the bars and drink with your new drinking buddy in person later on.

Drinking Online Use Case 2: Drinking at Home With People Around the World

One of the benefits of Drinking Mates Live is that you can find a drinking buddy from anywhere in the world. Of course, it would be natural to drink with people who speak the same language as you. But did you know Drinking Mates Live provides in-app language translation services for VIP premium members?

Our market-leading live chat feature will launch soon, allowing you to set up translation services. For example, let’s say you are American and want to speak to somebody who only speaks Korean. Adjust your settings to translate everything sent to you into English. Conversely, your Korean drinking buddy will set their translation setting to translate everything into Korean.

From there, you chat with your drinking buddy in English, and our live chat will translate it to Korean on their end. Likewise, your Korean drinking buddy will type to you in Korean and it will be translated into English. Now you can converse freely with each other, but you can also drink and have fun together at the same time.

It is not just a new drinking world that Drinking Mates Live opens up to everyone, it’s a new way for you to connect and build friendships around the world.

Drinking Online Use Case 3: Drink With People Around the World While at a Bar

This is an extension of use case number 2. You don’t have to be sitting at home to use Drinking Mates Live to find a drinking buddy from another country. You can head to your local bar to enjoy the atmosphere and music. At a certain point, you may get bored of your company and want to engage in conversation or enjoy getting a bit tipsy with someone.

Use Drinking Mates live to find a drinking buddy online, put in your headset and have a video call with them!

Your international drinking mate might be interested to see what the nightlife is like in your country. It may even help you make new drinking buddies at the bar as they come over to say hello to your international drinking mate. Learn about the different beers or liquors they have in their country and even play drinking games together. 

Find a Drinking Buddy to Drink in Person

As good as drinking online can be, nothing will ever match the fun that can be had by drinking in person. If you head out to a bar alone, making new connections is not always easy. Some people are shy and lack the confidence to introduce themselves to strangers – even with a bit of dutch courage built up! 

Drinking Mates Live takes the awkwardness away. Our platform lets you find compatible drinking buddies online who are open to drinking with you in person. 

Drinking In Person Use Case 1: Find a Drinking Buddy Who is Already Out and About

Drinking Mates Live has a “Near Me” search feature so you can see if any members are online and in close proximity to you. They could also be at the same bar or entertainment venue as you! 

IMPORTANT: Make sure your status is online and your profile up to date to give yourself the best chance of being contacted by another Drinking Mates Live member. 

Imagine finding someone at the same bar or just walking distance away. If you get on well via your Live Chat or Online Messages on Drinking Mates Live, meet up and enjoy a drink in person. How simple is that!

Drinking in Person Use Case 2: Find a Drinking Buddy to Enjoy Activities With

Drinking doesn’t always have to be sitting at a bar or going to a nightclub. There are so many activities that go perfectly with a few drinks. You can use Drinking Mates Live to find a drinking buddy who is also interested in activities you like. You can then meet up to drink and engage in that activity. 

Let’s look at some things that go well with having a drink.

  • Billiards / Pool
  • Darts
  • Karaoke
  • Golf
  • Beer Pong
Update your status to clarify what sort of drinking buddy you are looking for that night. This will help you get quality connection requests.

Drinking in Person Use Case 3: Create a Public Group for a Drinking Session

Drinking Mates Live will soon allow VIP premium members to create and join groups once our chat and video feature goes live. They can be open Public Groups, Password Protected Public Groups or Invite Only Private Groups.

Open Public Groups can be used to promote a drinking session or drinking activity to attract as many drinking buddies as possible. For example, you may create a public group for all people in New York City who want to meet up for a drink. This group can then activity chat and plan some drinking activities. Or you may want to get a group of people together for a Las Vegas pub crawl.

Public groups can help attract people from all over the world. In the example above, the New York City Drinking Group will get people joining who are in the city for a holiday, business, and residents.

Private Groups work well in person and online. Over time you will build a network of drinking buddies so you may organise a private group for an online drinking session.

Ready to Find a Drinking Buddy?

We hope this has given you some ideas on using Drinking Mates Live to find a drinking buddy, no matter the scenario.

Of course, the more members we have on Drinking Mates Live, the better the experience will be for our members. We encourage you to share our drinking buddies app with as many people as possible and encourage them to sign up!

We also have a page dedicated to some of the best countries to share a drink on a pub crawl, so check it ou!

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