25 of the Best Drinking Games to Play

Why combine the two if you find drinking and playing games enjoyable? Playing the best drinking games invented is a great way to break the ice with your new drinking mates on Drinking Mates Live

As much as we enjoy a good game of beer pong, you’ll need to add a few more of these awesome drinking games to your rotation at some point to mix things up a little. Variety is the spice of life, as they say!

There are many different drinking games suitable for small groups and drinking games ideal for large groups. You have many options to choose from, including drinking card games, board games, and drinking games you can play with only two people. Even non-drinking activities can be made into some of the most entertaining drinking games ever. You can even adapt many of these into online drinking games.

Connect 4 got anyone drunk or broke before? Whenever you lose, take a shot or buy a drink!
Ladders and rungs? Every time you have to descend the slide, take a shot. 
True or False? Depending on the question, this can be a fun or scary drinking game!

However, drinking games can be something other than high-octane, alcohol-fueled sports. However, flip-cup and beer pong are considered sports amongst partygoers and social drinkers! 

Drinking Game Ideas Are Limited Only By Your Imagination

Have you ever had the chance to play a drinking game based on a movie? If you Google the words “drinking game” and your favourite movie, there will undoubtedly be one. Perhaps even a drinking game for Finding Nemo!

In light of this, if you’re inventive enough, you can convert just about anything into a drinking game. If you need some inspiration, we’ve compiled 24 of the best drinking games for you to play at your next drinking session, no matter how big or little.

Similar to board games, the number of players significantly impacts how much fun a drinking game is. We break down the different games into drinking games for two players, drinking games for small groups, and drinking games for large groups.

Even though all drinking games have rules that “demand” you to drink at particular times, remember that they are only games. You can (and should) quit drinking whenever you want if you think you’ve had enough or don’t feel like it. The goal is to have fun.

Once you have read and bookmarked this list of drinking games, the only thing left to do is stock up on the alcohol and supplies to get your drinking game! 

Drinking Games Good for Two

Consider playing one of these fine drinking games for two if you and your drinking partner want something entertaining! They aren’t only for couples, of course. Friends, coworkers, and rivals can enjoy a two-player drinking game or your newly found drinking mate on 
Drinking Mates Live.

Truth or Drink

Want to try a really good way to get your friends’ secrets out of them? Make it a fun game. It might not be the kind of game you want to play with your siblings or family. Or maybe it is? Maybe you want to get the truth out of your partners, classmates or co-workers?


How to Play Truth or Drink

You’re going to need to have a set of questions prepared. If you want to write them out on cards, that works. Alternatively, you can make the game more spontaneous by not having the questions prepared already.

It’s pretty simple. When you’re asked a question. You need to tell the truth. Or you take a shot/swig/finish your drink. Not answering is sort of pleading the fifth. Which takes away from the game. WE WANT THE TRUTH.


Rules to Play Truth or Drink

Obviously don’t ask anything that would make anyone uncomfortable. Lying definitely takes away from the point of the game – so avoid that as well.

Do or Drink

Oh, you haven’t heard about Do or Drink? Allow us to educate you. This drinking game for two is relatively simple, and we’re confident that you and your favourite drinking buddy will enjoy playing it. 

Start by creating two distinct heaps for the black and white cards. The first person to draw a white card will then read it aloud. The other player will then choose a white card and follow the instructions on it when they have completed what it says. Continue until one of you picks up a white card that says “DRAW,” at which point that player must take up a black card and either do what it instructs or drink. Keeping the card and using it as a point is allowed if the player completes the assignment successfully. The winner is determined by adding up the total amount of black cards each player has at the conclusion.

Combat Shots

Battleship with guns is what Combat Shots is. If you’ve never played Battleship, it’s a traditional two-player game in which players take turns attempting to estimate the location of their rivals’ “ships” on a grid. Its simplicity makes it so clever, even if the principle is straightforward.  

A few methods exist to adapt this children’s game into an adult drinking version. Use a standard Battleship board and place the shots to the side, or set up a larger board with shot glasses serving as the ships. You could also participate in two small teams with another group at the bar! Making a DIY version with a few pizza boxes is one of the greatest ways to play (it’s a drinking session, so there has to be pizza).

Best Drinking Games for Two or More

The best drinking games are frequently played in small groups, but many of them can be played by two players just as effectively. Most competitive team games, such as beer pong or flip cup, may be played with just two players or a small group. In either case, these are some timeless games to keep handy.

Beer Pong

Beer Pong is a classic and of the easiest drinking games to grasp, yet one of the trickiest to master. If you’re unfamiliar, the setup is straightforward. Two teams take turns tossing ping pong balls into each of the six cups. Each side arranges the cups into a pyramid configuration. The game is won by the first team to remove all of its opponent’s cups. 


Is it among the greatest drinking games ever! Meeting your drinking mate from Drinking Mates Live at a bar with a beer-pongtable is sure to guarantee a fun night!

Although each of your friends’ groups may have its own rules, the most typical one is to drink beer from each cup when the ball lands in it. Have plenty of ping pong balls on hand, and try to keep them clean!

Check out this Beer Pong set you can pick up at Amazon!

Flip Cup

Flip Cup
has the potential to create the most mayhem and mess of any drinking game on this list, but it’s also sometimes the most entertaining. Participants divide into two teams and place a cup of beer or liquor on either side of a table. Before the next player can begin the game, participants on each side must complete their drink and place the cup on the table’s edge. They must then flip it back over using only their fingertips.

You have to make sure you choose the right teammates if you’re looking for victory.

How To Play Flip Cup

Similar to Beer Pong, you’re going to want a long flat surface to play upon. You’re gonna need to pull out those red solo cups again. Split your friends into two teams and line up along the table. To start – Player One on each side will chug their entire beer and slam their cup on the table upside down.

Flip Cup Rules

Bring the cup to the edge of the table so that you can start attempting to flip it over as fast as you can. Once the first player on the team has flipped their cup and landed it on the table, the next player can follow and do the same thing.

No grabbing your cup. If your cup falls you have to place it just the same way. The amount of beer in the cups must be equal for all players.

Once your whole team has chugged their beers, flipped and landed their cups successfully – that team will have won the game.


Players attempt to bounce a quarter off the table into a shot glass in the drinking game known as Quarters, which is somewhat comparable to Beer Pong. If you get the quarter in the shot glass, you can direct someone to take a shot or sip their drink. The ball then shifts to the next player if you miss your shot. Set a total number of points to reach to be crowned the winner. 

Drunk Jenga

Drunk Jenga is a fun and exciting game, but adding alcohol definitely elevates the fun factor. Each block plucked from the tower can link to instructions such as “give two sips” or “take two drinks”. Players will also be required to consume the entirety of their beverage if they cause the tower to collapse. Feel free to let your creativity go wild. You can even play this drinking game online if both players have their own Jenga sets and agree on the rules. 

Drinking Games for Small to Medium Groups

Lets take a look at the best drinking games for small groups. These can be played with anywhere from three to eight people. These games typically entail playing together while seated at a table, as opposed to group games where you either sit in a big circle or play while mingling. Equipment of some form, such as dice, playing cards, or a gaming board is generally needed to facilitate play.

King’s Cup

Whatever name you give this fun drinking card game for small groups —Ring of Fire, Circle of Death, or King’s Cup—the rules are always the same. 

A deck of cards is arranged in a spiral around a beer the players are seated around. Everybody takes a turn drawing a card. Each card’s number denotes a different activity (for instance, a card with the number eight signifies “drink buddy,” so you choose a person to drink with). 

The card must be put into the beer tab after pulling it. The drink must then be consumed by the individual who causes the tab to pop or draws the last King card (thus, King’s Cup). If things get a little boisterous, having a deck of waterproof cards is useful.

Never Have I Ever

The game you most certainly played as a teenager is brought home as a card game, which makes it simple to come up with questions to learn more about your friends. The Never Have I Ever game includes play cards that encourage players to confess to some of their worst decisions, as well as a set of rule cards that improve the rounds’ gameplay. Add specific drinking regulations to it, such as requiring individuals who have completed the action to sip, and so on.

Bad Choices is a variation of Never Have I Ever and UNO and uses the same game style to uncover hilarious or embarrassing truths, secrets and stories about your drinking buddies.


Drink-A-Palooza is the drinking board game for you if you like playing good board games but wish there were more opportunities to drink when you roll the dice. 

The game is a technique to include several popular drinking games into one, including Beer Pong, King’s Cup, Flip Cup, and others. The spots you land on as you move around the board will define the drinking game you’ll play. There is also plenty of fun to go around with room for up to 12 people so it is also a drinking game that is suitable for larger groups too.

If you want to learn about the rules of Drink-A-Palooza, why not buy your very own Drink-A-Palooza game from Amazon here.

Drunk, Stoned or Stupid

If you get what we mean, Drunk, Stoned or Stupid functions as more than just a drinking card game. You and your pals can use 250 prompt cards to find out who in your group is most likely to perform a particular action, like “wake up with half a burrito in bed,” and so forth. After drawing a card, the group must decide who best fits the description, hurling accusations in their direction.

Shot Spinning Roulette

Running out of ways to terrorise your drinking mates with shot glass roulette is impossible. The best drinking games are often more enjoyable when some danger is involved. Therefore those wishing to up the stakes in their drinking games may consider playing this shot glass roulette game. Let fate choose your evening’s beverage selection by filling the tiny glasses surrounding the roulette wheel with various alcoholic beverages. Have you given Shot Spinning Roulette a go?

French Roulette

If you don’t have a spinning roulette device for shot glasses, why not try a variation using a deck of cards that we call French Roulette? Each round, the person with the lowest card deal has the next drink in the line. Make the line of drinks as interesting, delicious, disgusting or dangerous as you like! Even throw in some non-alcoholic shots as well for a bit of fun.


Yes, the name isn’t particularly endearing, but trust us on this. Fingers is a simple game that intoxicates you, but there’s a twist. 

The rules are as follows:

  • Get a red solo cup.
  • Have everyone playing the game pour their beverage inside (the more players, the better).
  • Have each player place a finger on the cup’s rim.

Every player takes a turn choosing whether to remove or leave a finger from the cup’s rim, and one person makes a bet as to how many fingers remain. They are eliminated and do not have to drink the cup if they make the right guess. Everything in the cup must be consumed by the final person. Let’s face it, they’re going to be pretty wasted by the time it’s all through.

Three Man

Three players and at least two dice are required for Three Man. Until one person rolls a three and has the title Three Man, players will keep taking a turn rolling the dice. 

The next step is for each participant to take a turn rolling the dice; each number has a different result: Drinks are distributed as follows: three means the Three Man drinks, seven means the person to the left of the dice roller drinks, nine means the person to the right of the dice roller drinks, eleven means the roller drinks, and doubles means you get to take that number of drinks and distribute them around the group as you see fit.


Loaded Kings


If you like the King’s Cup, the Loaded Kings rules are conveniently printed on the cards to simplify life. Let’s face it, after a few drinks, keeping the rules simpler is better! 

You won’t have to worry about remembering all the different rules as the game progresses and can concentrate on enjoying the drinking game. Oh, and the cards are completely waterproof, so there’s no need to worry if you or a friend accidentally commit a party foul or two during a game.

Cards Against Humanity


Cards Against Humanity
is one of the funniest card games ever created. It provides players with a series of prompts (black cards) that must be answered by playing an answer card (white cards). The funniest white cards will then be chosen by the person who drew the prompt card. The cards are naturally ludicrous and unmistakably adult and are referred to as “a party game for bad people.” 

You may make it a drinking game by requiring the losers of each round to take a sip, or you can play it while sipping your own beverage. If you decide to include alcohol, it may be one of the best drinking card games on the planet.

Barbuzzo Spin – Spin the Shot

Do you recall the game spinning the bottle growing up? In any case, Spin the Shot takes the notorious child game and gives it a distinctly mature twist. Fill the provided shot glass with your preferred alcohol or a particularly delicious blended shot, then spin it to decide who gets the distinction of downing the beverage. The lucky participant is chosen by the arrow, which allows for as much enjoyment as is safe. Furthermore, it’s portable enough to take it to the bar and play there with a drinking buddy to connect with on Drinking Mates Live. 


These Cards Will Get You Drunk Game 

Here is another drinking card game to add to the collection of drinking games we at Drinking Mates Live enjoy. The adult drinking game These Cards Will Get You Drunk will have you and your closest friends laughing the entire time. You and your friends sit in a circle and rotate, taking turns drawing cards from the deck counterclockwise. Each will inform you who needs to drink if you follow the recommendations on the card. To have the time of your life while playing the game, you’ll need to vote and let your pals down a few times.

Buzzed Drinking Card Game

The creators of What Do you Meme? have created another drinking game called Buzzed, a quick and entertaining way to start the party with your drinking buddies. The prompt will be read aloud as each player draws cards from the top of the deck. You or the entire group will drink, depending on the card. The amusing cards, which can be played with groups as big as 20 or as little as 3, might make you and your drinking buddies blush once or twice, but they are unquestionably hilarious.

Drinking Games Suitable for Bigger Groups

In general, you want a game whose rules are easy enough for a big gathering of people—who are probably already buzzed—to understand. 

Additionally, you’ll want something that requires little setup (ideally just the cup in their hand). You probably won’t be able to seat a big group at a table or provide enough playing materials for everyone at the party.

Cheers to the Governor

This game is a classic that can be played with a smaller group, but the more players you include, the more enjoyable it becomes. 

To play, all you need is a drink in your hand and some creative thinking. It begins out in a straightforward enough manner. As you count up to 21 while seated in a circle, the first person says “one,” the person next to them says “two,” and so on. 

It doesn’t matter at first whether this is done in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Everyone takes a drink after the person who answers “21” says “Cheers to the Governor.” 

The next step is for that person to invent a new rule for any number. For instance, you might say, “At eight, you do a silent salute,” or “At fourteen, reverse the order from clockwise to counterclockwise.” Really, the only constraint is your imagination. If you make a mistake, take a drink, and the counting begins at 1.

As more rules are added as everyone becomes drunker, the game becomes progressively more difficult. There isn’t really a method to win; you just keep playing until nobody can remember the rules. Or you come up with a rule so funny that you talk about it for years after with your drinking mates.

Power Hour

Power Hour is an excellent option for those who want to start their evening off with a bang. The idea is straightforward: create a playlist with 60 songs, and after each song plays for a minute, have it shuffle. This is one of the better drinking games available from where we are standing. 

Take a drink when the next song starts. Put your favourite music snob in command of the playlist to see what exciting alternatives emerge; it’s simple to play and still encourages social interaction. Additionally, you may improve the experience by playing the music through a Bluetooth speaker.

60 sips in 60 minutes – how will you be feeling?

Shot Roulette

Okay, Shot Roulette a biggie. Have your drinking pals gather around a table, regardless of how many you have. One individual will enter the room and fill several identical shot glasses with water and one with a clear alcoholic beverage, such vodka. 

The shot glasses will then be distributed to everyone after being mixed up so that it is unclear which one contains the alcohol. Everybody will watch the responses as each individual takes their shot while going around the table one at a time. 

The objective is for the group to correctly guess who took the shot of alcohol. If the group is correct, the shooter must sip from their drink as payment for losing. Everyone gulps down their drink except for the individual who fired the shot if the group is incorrect.

One of the best drinking games you’ll play all night can be made your own by changing the rules. Since they all have the same appearance, playing with disposable clear glasses is the simplest. Depending on how many people are playing, you can even play for a few rounds while taking up to two or three alcohol shots.

Suck And Blow

No, it isn’t quite as filthy as you might imagine. The traditional high school game of “suck and blow” has been altered so everyone plays it while slightly inebriated. And it’s sexy. 

Take out a playing card to start. Any deck of cards is fine. Everyone should stand in a circle, and you should only be able to give the playing card to the next player by sucking and blowing. 

This game from your high school days is not only one of the most flirtatious ones, but it also makes for a great drinking game when alcohol is involved. The players are required to perform a shot as a group when the card falls, and they unintentionally smack their lips. To make things more complicated, change the sequence of where participants stand during each round.


What is the game’s name? Thumper! All you need to play Thumper are some friends, some beers, and a pair of hands. 

In the Thumper drinking game, every player needs some form of hand signal in order to play. Get imaginative; you can put your hands over your eyes, make the peace sign, or give yourself antlers. 

Throughout the game, everyone at the table alternately slaps their knees twice while performing a sign that they then pass on to another player. 

The signs will stop once a mistake is made. For instance, if it’s your turn, you’ll smack your legs twice, create the sign, slap them twice more, make the sign for the next person in the circle, and so on. If that person consumes alcohol, you’ll keep playing until you become tired!

What Drinking Game Will You Play Next?

We hope these drinking game ideas will inspire you next time you drink with a group or even drink online. 

If you feel like playing some drinking games, but your usual drinking mates are unavailable, create an account with DrinkingMates.live. Connect with people around the world looking to have a drink and fun!

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