How to Play Three Man Drinking Game

The Three-Man game is an exciting drinking game you can play online or in person with friends and drinking buddies. It is also known as Hat Man or the Mr Three Game. So let’s get into the detail about how to play Three Man.

You may wonder, does “Three Man” mean only three people can play the game? Absolutely Not! Three or more people can play this drinking game.

Three Man refers to the first player to roll a die and get a three.

Apart from the simplicity, one can also be innovative by creating additional rules to make the game extra fun. That’s what makes the Three Man drinking a top choice.

Equipment Needed to Play Three Man Drinking Game

Two Dice
Beers or your drink of choice
Table or another flat surface
An accessory to identify the Three Man (not compulsory)

How to Play Three Man: Traditional Rules

The Three Man game’s rules are relatively simple to understand. The outcome is determined by the number that appears after rolling one or both dice. To get started:

1. Gather all players around and sit in a circular position. There should be enough middle space to place the beers and roll the dice.
2. Take turns rolling the dice in a clockwise motion.
3. Obey the rules of the game as dice are being tossed.

Pretty simple? Even if you are drunk!


The roller takes on the role of the Three Man and decides who will roll the dice next; he may be given a hat to wear as a mark of recognition (one die is rolled).

If a three is rolled, this represents a shift in status and a requirement for the Three Man to take a drink. The present Three Man chooses another Three Man (3+another number) after having a drink.


Drinking is required from the player to the roller’s left (5+2, 6+1, 4+3).


The one who rolled the number is required to consume a beer. If there is a 3, for instance, 5+3, the roller and the Three Man both have to drink.


The player sitting to the right of the roller must drink.

There is also the “Nothing Roll”. This means that nothing happens when the below combinations are rolled, and the player must throw the dice again.

1 and 5
2 and 4
4 and 6
5 and 6

What happens if If a double is rolled in Three Man?


Everyone must consume alcohol.

Twos, Threes, Fours, Fives

Who gets to drink and how many beers is decided by the roller.


It will be required all players to drink simultaneously. If the person on your right doesn’t stop drinking, you can’t either.

Variations to Three Man Rules

The Three-Man game has seen some changes over time. In addition to adhering to the rules above, you can make new rules or use any of the following additional instructions;


When a player rolls a two, you can require them to finish their drink as a penalty.


If a six is rolled, the player may sip their beer and roll again.


The person seated across from the roller will sip alcohol.

Four and one

The roller will assume the role of thumb master and place his thumb on the table or other flat surfaces. The last one to do so is required to drink.

Off the Table

The roller must drink if the dice roll off the table.

To make the game as fun as possible, you might think of many different concepts. Using any other type of alcohol except beer is also a good idea.

Once you understand the gameplay, getting dependent and intoxicated is simpler. The most crucial factor, though, is to consume alcohol sensibly. Don’t drink and drive.

Have you played the Three Man drinking game?

We hope this guide has helped you understand how to play the drinking game Three Man.

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