Premium Member Features

Our premium VIP member plan makes finding a drinking buddy incredibly easy. It is an annual membership, which means you can have Drinking Mates Live on standby anytime you need it throughout the year. All features are included, so you don’t need Drinking Mate Credits.

Let’s look at the features and benefits of upgrading your account to premium and how they can help you find a drinking buddy.

Out of This World Chat

We are not exaggerating when we say the chat integration is very cool, with features you won’t find anywhere else. 

Live Chat: Forget email messages. You can live chat with your drinking buddies on Drinking Mates Live. We offer one-to-one chats or you can have public or private group chats. This feature is exclusive to premium members and can’t be accessed with Drinking Mate Credits.

Audio & Video Calls (Coming Soon): You don’t need to give your phone number, Whatsapp or Viber to chat with your new drinking buddy until you feel comfortable. Keep it all in-house on the Drinking Mates Live platform with HD audio and video calling. Become a premium member now to lock in today’s prices for when these new features land.

Group Chats: Premium members have access to a group chat feature. You can have a Public Group open to all other premium members (i.e. a regular drinking group for people in a particular city), password-protected groups and private invite-only groups. This gives you much more flexibility in interacting with other premium members.

Language Translation: This seriously cool feature allows you to find a drinking buddy anywhere and communicate with them even if they don’t speak your language. Set the language you want the message to be translated to. For example, suppose someone from the USA is chatting with someone from the Philippines. In that case, our live chat will give the person in the Philippines both the original English message and a Tagalog/Filipino translation. Check out the example below. 

Screenshot of the language translation chat feature

Pretty cool huh? This means you can now drink and chat with anyone around the world, even if they don’t speak the same language as you!

Single-Player Games: Just in case you are waiting to catch up with a drinking buddy, our live chat has around 200 single-player games to keep you entertained. All 100% free and on-demand at your fingertips. In fact, even if you don’t have a drinking buddy, you can play these games to keep you entertained. If thats not your style, checkout some of the most popular drinking games people play

Advanced Search Capacity

Premium members can narrow their search criteria to find the best drinking buddy matches. Every category in a person’s profile can be used as a filter, so if you want to drink with someone very specific, Drinking Mates Live has you covered.

You can also use the Near Me feature. Set your current location and see which users are close by who you can even have a drink with in person at a local bar. 

Free to Send Winks, Virtual Gifts and Messages

As a premium member, there is no need to purchase Drinking Mate Credits to send winks, virtual gifts and messages. This means you can reach out and connect with more people, making premium membership a fantastic value and the platform a lot more fun too!

Be Priortised

Just like a VIP, stand out from the crowd with your premium member badge and be connected with potential drinking buddies much sooner. You will also be able to keep track of users you have viewed, and users who have viewed you.

Create An Account Today

What are you waiting for? Create your Drinking Mates Live account right now and you could be enjoying a drink with new found drinking buddies in no time. 

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