Help! What to do when I am bored with a friend online?

Finding innovative ways to cure boredom and socialise and unwind with new friends despite physical distances has become a creative challenge many face. Many people resort to random chats online or get stuck with unanswered DM’s and soon become bored with their friends online.

So what do you do when you are bored with a friend online? What can you do to cure boredom when you find yourself at home by yourself?

One refreshing solution to this dilemma is exploring new social platforms that cater to shared experiences, even over a drink. That’s right, you can find a drinking buddy and have a drinking session online!

If you wonder what to do when bored online with a friend or when home alone, look no further than Drinking Mates Live—a vibrant platform that redefines online socialising.

What is Drinking Mates Live?

Drinking Mates Live is an online platform designed to 
bring people together through the universal language of drinks. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado, a tea enthusiast, a wine enthusiast or a cocktail lover, this platform allows you to connect with like-minded individuals who share your beverage preferences. By visiting Drinking Mates Live, you can easily set up a virtual meet-up where conversations flow as freely as the drinks.

How to Use Drinking Mates Live

The process is straightforward and user-friendly:

  1. Sign Up and Set Up Your Profile: Include details about your drink preferences and interests to match with compatible drinking buddies.
  2. Browse and Connect: Use the platform’s filters to find friends who share your interests. Whether it’s discussing the latest in craft beers or sharing cocktail recipes, the right company is just a few clicks away.
  3. Schedule a Drinking Session: Coordinate a time that works for both you and your new mate, grab your favourite drink, and get ready for a fun-filled virtual hangout.

Why Choose Drinking Mates Live?

  • Meet New People: It’s a fantastic way to expand your social circle with people from around the world who share your enthusiasm for drinks and cure your boredom when alone. 
  • Safe and Social from Home: Enjoy the social aspects of a night out from the safety and comfort of your home. They have video calling in app coming very soon so you won’t have to share your personal contact details or social media profiles.
  • Align on Interests: With tailored profiles, you can connect with people who not only enjoy the same drinks but also have common hobbies and interests.

Activities to Enjoy on Drinking Mates Live

Here are some fun ideas for what to do during your online drinking sessions:

  • Themed Drink Nights: Agree on a theme—like tropical cocktails or European wines—and each participant can share a drink recipe that fits the theme.
  • Virtual Happy Hour Games: Play classic party games like ‘Never Have I Ever’ or ‘Trivia’ to spice up your session.
  • Drink Tasting Sessions: Each participant chooses a new drink to try, and you all review the tastes together, turning it into a fun and interactive tasting event.

The Social Connection We Crave

In times when
 going out isn’t always an option, platforms like Drinking Mates Live offer a unique opportunity to maintain social interactions and make new friends in a fun and engaging way. It’s more than just a platform; it’s a community of people eager to share their stories and glasses across a virtual table.

If you make a new friend online but find yourself getting bored of them – no worries. Drinking Mates live has users from all across the world, so there will always be a new drinking buddy to find. The live chat also has live language translation for more than 90 countries, opening the door to chat and drink with people from countries you never would have thought of!

Whether you’re looking to break the monotony of a boring day or start a weekend with a fun and interactive experience, Drinking Mates Live invites you to raise a glass and make a toast to new friendships and memorable online gatherings. 

Don’t let boredom hold you back—explore this vibrant platform and discover the joy of online socialising with a refreshing twist. Cheers to new adventures with your next drink buddy online! The cure is here!

Drinking Mates Live