How to Play Beer Pong

How to Play Beer Pong

The average person probably knows how to play Beer Pong from a house party. Whether they were in high school or college – this game has remained timeless. As long as you know someone with a long table, a sleeve of solo cups, a few ping pong balls, and a competitive and fun nature. 

Let’s take a closer look at how to play beer pong so you can enjoy this classic drinking game at your next party.

Materials Needed to Play Beer Pong

The materials needed to play beer pong are simple; you can pick most of them up at a local store.

1. A beer pong table should be large enough to make it challenging. Beer pong originated on an actual ping pong table but can be played on any flat surface with enough surface space to hold the two cup formations a minimum of 6 feet apart. In official beer pong competitions, a 2’x 8′ table is used.

2. A dozen ping pong balls. You are bound to lose some the drunker you get playing beer pong

3. 12-24 beer pong cups, depending on the cup formation.

4. Lots of cold beer (or drink of your choice) to keep your beer pong cups filled.

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How to Play Beer Pong

To play beer pong, you only really need two players. However, to raise the level of excitement, making teams or organising tournaments and round robins will escalate the amount of fun. Create two sides, whether two players or four, that rotate.

So how does it work? Set up 6 red solo cups (or more if you want the game to go longer) on both ends of the table. Make sure to fill each cup with a mouthful of beer. Decide where the centre line is. Rock, paper, and scissors to decide who goes first.

Once you’re ready to start, Player One can bounce the ball on the table or try to throw it straight into the cup on the opposite side of the table. Should the player get their ball in the cup, the opposing team must chug the entire contents of their cup. Here are some different beer pong shot techniques you can use.


Diagram showing different beer pong shot techniques

If a shot is successful, that cup is then removed from the Beer Pong table. After this, you rotate to the next team. If you are playing with more than one player in each team, rotate players after each turn. 


Inflatable Beer Pong Set being enjoyed by four females

Beer Pong Rules

No double bouncing. No reshots. If the ball is off the table, you lose. Hitting the rim doesn’t count. If the ball spins out, it doesn’t count.

The first side to get their ball in all of the opposing team’s cups – wins. Check out the video below for a more in-depth discussion on beer pong rules or take a read at some other rules that you can implement to make the game even more interesting.


Rereacking is when the cup formation is changed after a shot is made. You are only given one rerack in a game and, it can’t be used until at least two cups have been removed from the table. Strategy needs to be used when deciding to use your rerack. A rerack can’t be used during the middle of a round. You must wait until both players have taken their shot before calling for a rerack.

Here are the standard cup formations for each number of cups.

The different cup formations in beer pong based on how many cups are left

Ball Blocking

When the opposing side shoots, a player should be assigned to keep an eye on the cups at all times. As previously stated, a bounce shot may be swatted; however, the player swatting must take care not to tip any of his own cups or the goal tend on a regular shot.

If a player accidentally knocks one of his own cups over while attempting to swat the ball, that cup is taken out of play. A conventional shot might not be blocked or that is goaltending; bouncing and shooting simultaneously may be a team’s plan to trick the defence. When goaltending occurs, the ball is returned to the shooter so they can try again.

Psychological Defence

It’s often beneficial to throw your opponent off their game by “shit talking” to them or by getting under their skin. Women have been known to posture in sexually suggestive positions in order to confuse male players. As long as it doesn’t interfere with the opponents’ perception of the cups, any variation of this is OK.

Fingering and Blowing

When a shot is made into a cup, it occasionally doesn’t fall into the cup directly. It begins by spinning around the cup’s rim. Females are permitted to blow the ball out of the cup and off its course when this happens. If she succeeds, the made cup is irrelevant.

Men have the right to attempt to finger the ball out with their index finger, just like women can blow into the cups. Because the ball doesn’t spin around the edge for a very lengthy period of time, both techniques are quite challenging and require quick action.

Beer Pong Tips

Keep a clean bucket of water to keep the beer pong ball clean. It is also a good idea to keep some hand sanitiser close by. While it’s never going to be the cleanest game, a few basic things like this will keep your beer pong as hygienic as possible! We always advocate for having fun while drinking, but also to drinking safely.

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If you need more instructions, check out this video below. 

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