Drinking Online: The Spirited Rise of the Digital Cheers

Welcome to the world of drinking online! Fear not if you’ve been feeling slightly out of the loop lately! It’s not you; it’s the digital age.

No, we’re not talking about pouring your favourite pinot through your USB port. (Please, don’t try that at home or anywhere else.) Instead, we’re diving deep into why virtual “cheers” are becoming the trendiest way to clink glasses. 

So, grab your drink, find that comfortable spot on the couch, and let’s scroll on to learn more about the new craze of drinking online.

Why Do People Like Drinking Online?


“I Can Wear Pajamas!” 

This, right here, is the dream. Picture this: It’s a cool Friday evening. You’re attending a swanky online cocktail party. Instead of wearing that super tight dress or those leather shoes that bite, you’re rocking bunny slippers. Below the camera frame? Pyjamas with cute little ducks. Above? A nice blouse or shirt, if you’re feeling fancy. This is the embodiment of business on top, party on the bottom!

No Taxi Traumas 

We’ve all been there – stumbling out of a bar, desperately trying to hail a cab or waiting for that eternally late Uber. Drinking online? Your bed is just a roll away! And you don’t have to worry about leaving your favourite umbrella in a taxi. (Yes, it’s happened. Twice.)

Freedom to Choose Your Playlist 

Remember that time you went to a bar and they played ‘Macarena’ five times in a row? When you’re drinking online, the aux is ALL yours. Whether you’re into heavy metal or cheesy 90’s hits, there’s no judgment here (well, maybe a little, but it’s all in good fun).

Drink Around the Clock (Responsibly) 

3 pm or 3 am; there’s no last call on the internet. Want to toast the sunrise or have a midnight mojito? The digital bar is always open.

Global Cheers! 

Have you ever dreamed of clinking glasses with someone from Tokyo while you’re in Texas? Drinking online transcends geographical boundaries, turning local hangouts into global gatherings.

What Makes It So Fun?


Quirky Virtual Backgrounds 

Is that… the Eiffel Tower behind you? Or are you floating through space? With virtual backgrounds, you can hop from one continent to another within seconds and photobomb friends with cheeky images. It’s all about the banter.

Virtual Drinking Games 

From virtual trivia to online cards against humanity, there are many games to keep the party going. Plus, there’s a unique joy in watching your friend chug their drink after losing, all while battling their Wi-Fi lag.

Showcase Your Mixology Skills 

Your friends can’t poke fun at your “unique” (read: undrinkable) concoctions when they’re miles away. So, go wild, whether you’re blending a banana with beer or adding a dash of Tabasco to your tequila! (But have a glass of water handy.). Need some cocktail recipe inspiration? Check out our favourite cocktails here.

The “Drinkscapades” 

Join a wine tasting in France, a beer fest in Germany, or a sake session in Japan—all without changing out of those comfy pyjamas!

Unplanned Global Gatecrashers 

With friends of friends joining from around the world to drink online, you never know who might pop into your virtual drinking session next. It’s like a surprise party every time!

Benefits of Online Drinking vs. In-Person


Avoiding Unwanted Guests 

Drinking online gives you the magic power to “accidentally” lose connection when Uncle Bob starts one of his “back in my day” stories for the umpteenth time. Oops! Technical glitches, am I right? Drinking Mates live offers VIP members the ability to create private and public drinking groups and is an awesome feature!

Safety First

While it’s all fun and games, there’s a serious perk to drinking online. There’s zero risk of drunk driving, which is a massive win for everyone involved. Drink, laugh, pass out on the couch, repeat. By the way, if you are drinking in person with new people, take a look at our drinking safety tips.

Tailored Experience 

In-person parties mean compromise. Online? It’s your rules. Want a Harry Potter-themed night? You got it. Fancy a wine-tasting evening? Send out those Zoom invites. The digital realm is your oyster.

Pocket-Friendly Party-ing 

One of the sneakiest (and most delightful) advantages of drinking online? The savings! You aren’t racking up a bar tab, splurging on that overpriced club entry, or shelling out for those late-night, questionable food choices (looking at you, gas station nachos). You’re sipping on what you have, potentially purchased at bargain prices. So, when you drink online, your wallet stays as full as your glass. Cheers to that!

Time Zone Hopping One major upside of our connected world is that it’s always happy hour somewhere! Switch from a friend’s evening in New York to another’s brunch in Sydney seamlessly. Who said time travel wasn’t possible?

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Drinking online might sound ke a sci-fi concept, but it’s today’s reality. And as the internet’s bandwidth continues to overflow with our virtual cheers and clinks, one thing is clear: digital drinks are here to stay.

Sure, nothing can replace the warmth of in-person connection and the spontaneity of real-life interactions. But until we can teleport ourselves or instantly summon holograms (the tech world is still working on that, fingers crossed!), drinking online is a fabulous way to keep the spirits high and the drinks flowing.

So, the next time someone invites you for a virtual drink, don’t raise an eyebrow. Instead, raise a glass! After all, it’s always five o’clock somewhere… even in the digital world. 

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